Technology is changing

Are you unhappy with your CURRENT PROVIDER?

A fresh approach can often be the answer. Proactive service is built in to the soul of FTP Group.

When you have a question, or things are not working how you expect them to, we will listen, respond and put it right – quickly. Contact us to find out more.

PHONE systems

FTP Group supply and maintain modern phone systems and handsets from the leading vendors, including Mitel and NEC.

We are also an approved supplier of eve – a leading cloud-based voice and collaboration platform.

Many of our customers are increasingly using Microsoft Teams for video calling and collaboration. FTP Group can help you to integrate your phone system with Teams, so you can make and handle your calls in one place.

Business Communication Anywhere
Business Communication on the go

Your phone lines and your phone calls create vital links with your customers and staff.

FTP Group will make sure you know about the choices available to your business, as technology develops and market prices change.

From basic broadband through to high-speed fibre or dedicated ethernet circuits, FTP Group can help you to choose how to keep your business connected and leave you room to grow.
Business Communication at home
MOBILE telephony
Business Communication Abroad

Your mobile phone is an essential business tool.

FTP Group understands that you just want your mobile phone to work, not cost too much money and stay connected to the network.  We can offer you the best mix of networks and services to make this happen.

“Technology today makes the world smaller, and therefore the opportunities are endless.”

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